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A History of Giving Back




Magybet Mendez, an experienced professional with over a decade of expertise in immigration and business management, founded Immigo - a non-profit organization. The goal of this organization is to promote immigrant rights, equip families with essential tools and knowledge, and find innovative ways for them to prosper. Fueled by the pressing demands of her community and motivated by her parents' immigrant stories, she fearlessly established immigo to offer vital resources.


At the core of the company's values lies the unwavering mission to empower communities, foster trust through effective communication and resources, and uphold moral integrity. They are devoted to creating programs that cater to the needs of all undocumented individuals, advocating, educating, and offering services to people of all ages and nationalities. Magybet is resolute in her vision to lead immigo as an immigrant herself offering support to immigrant families. immigo, under Magybet's guidance, tirelessly strives to expand access to legal services and tailored programs for undocumented individuals of all ages and nationalities. They are unwavering in their commitment to advocacy, education, and creation of resources.

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Founder: Magybet Mendez

Established in 2010, Immigo LA has a rich history rooted in serving immigrant communities with dedication and compassion. From its humble beginnings as a small grassroots initiative, the organization has grown into a leading immigration services provider in Los Angeles.

Driven by the vision of founder Magybet Mendez and a team of passionate individuals, Immigo LA has been instrumental in empowering countless immigrants, offering them essential tools, resources, and guidance to navigate the complexities of the immigration process. Over the years, the organization has developed a strong reputation for its unwavering commitment to supporting immigrant rights and fostering inclusive communities.

Through strategic partnerships, advocacy efforts, and innovative programs, Immigo LA has become a trusted ally for individuals, families, and businesses seeking immigration solutions. Their comprehensive range of services, including consultations, visa processing, immigration petitions, and citizenship support, has helped countless individuals achieve their dreams of living and working in the United States.

With a focus on personalized assistance, cultural sensitivity, and community engagement, Immigo LA continues to make a positive impact in the lives of immigrants. The organization remains steadfast in its mission to provide accessible, reliable, and compassionate immigration services, contributing to the social and economic fabric of the diverse communities it serves.

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