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Celebrating Our Founder, Magybet Mendez: Winner of the Women’s Community Catalyst Award

We are thrilled and proud to share a monumental achievement in the journey of our founder, Magybet Mendez. This Women’s History Month, Magybet has been honored as a recipient of the prestigious Women’s Community Catalyst Award by We Are All America (WAAA). This award celebrates the indomitable spirit and tireless efforts of immigrant and refugee women, who have made significant contributions to their communities.

A Story of Resilience and Vision

Magybet’s story begins in Tetela De Ocampo, Puebla, Mexico, and finds its stride here in North Hollywood, California, where she has been a beacon of hope and change. As a DACA recipient, Magybet has navigated numerous challenges, yet her resolve to foster unity and support within immigrant and indigenous communities has never wavered. Her founding of immigo was driven by a clear vision: to empower, educate, and support our communities in meaningful, sustainable ways.

immigo: A Reflection of Community Strength

Under Magybet’s leadership, immigo has grown into a vital resource for the community. Our programs, shaped by Magybet’s firsthand experiences and deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by immigrants, aim to provide comprehensive support. From language classes and legal assistance to healthcare access and educational opportunities, immigo is committed to ensuring every immigrant and indigenous individual feels supported and valued.

Our Mission Continues

Receiving the Women’s Community Catalyst Award is not only an honor but also a reminder of the importance of our mission. This accolade underscores the impact of our work and reinforces our resolve to continue pushing boundaries and breaking barriers. Every day, we are inspired by Magybet’s dedication and are reminded that our efforts can lead to significant, positive changes in people’s lives.

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